Howard Rheingold: 23 IO Tool Ideas for Leveraging Twitter

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Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold

When I teach infotention, I show learners how they can curate Twitter lists and use to turn the lists into daily briefings by networks of experts on topics of their choosing. Curating, focusing, distilling, and formatting incoming streams of information about precisely the topics that interest you at any time is a key infotention skill. h/t Tracy Vu

23 seldom-used ideas for how to utilize Twitter lists


1. Staff directory for your team
2. Event attendees and conference-goers
3. Mini-communities of those with shared interests
4. Helpful resources for your customers
5. Accounts you recommend to follow
6. Client list (keep it private)
7. “Notice me” list
8. Competitors list
9. Industry sector
10. Thought leaders for your niche
11. Celebrities
12. Your fellow bloggers/designers/coders/etc.
13. Customers you’d like to recognize and reward
14. Location-based lists
15. Live tweeters
16. Your affiliations
17. Close friends and family
18. People who retweet you
19. People you regularly engage with on Twitter
20. Twitter chat participants
21. Accounts worth engaging (via a Twitter tool)
22. New Twitter homepage
23. Your interests and categories

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