INTERVIEW: Breaking Open the Source – Robert Steele with John Maguire

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10.17.14 Episode 99: Breaking Open The Source (with Robert Steele)

Robert Steele — Activist, Spy and Author — talks to John and Alan about his book “Open Source Everything Manifesto”, his former employers at the CIA, and topics ranging from NeoCons and NeoNazis to Occupy Wall Street and the next American Revolution.

ROBERT STEELE: I find myself more willing to be blunt these days — for example, this interview includes a demolishment of John Kerry for his treasonous act in shutting down the Iran Contra investigation — the truth at any cost really does lower all other costs, the downside being that sometimes one must sacrifice their own prospects for the greater good. Truth is what I do. Truth is what every professional intelligence officer should be obsessive about, but of course that is not the case, particularly when it comes to Directors of National Intelligence (also responsible for Counterintelligence) who prefer to take the gold and screw the public. A day does not go by but that I do not pray for the restoration of integrity in US governance, and a restoration of the dream that was America.

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