Jean Lievens: Open Content (Open Data) Creates More Content (Data) …

Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Wikipedia’s open content production platform creates significant spillover benefits that encourage users to contribute further.

Many organisations are developing open platforms to create, store and share knowledge. Aleksi Aaltonen and Stephan Seiler analyse editing data by Wikipedia users to show how content creation by individuals generates significant ‘spillover’ benefits, encouraging others to contribute to the collective process of knowledge production. 

Phi Beta Iota: WIkipedia lacks integrity — too many “captured” pages, too many trolls, too few editors with integrity — including the one that destroyed the Open Source Intelligence page because all the links led to where 800 international authorities had their work stored. What is needed is a proliferation of the Wiki capability combined with Liquid Democracy techniques that elevate trusted meta editors while blocking the trolls. What is also needed is a mass exodus of academia and civil society from published journals and PDFs and into peer-reviewed Open Content that is free to all.

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