OSE Translator – Spanish – Sebastian Sepulveda

Sebastian Sewpulveda
Sebastian Sepulveda

My name is Sebastián Sepúlveda a Spanish language and Literature teacher from Universidad de Chile, Santiago.

When I finished the four-year Literature degree, I started pedagogy studies while working in a secondary school. After obtaining my teacher credential, I continued working as a school teacher. I also started post-graduate studies at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Here, I began to improve my teaching ability using drama and acting techniques.

In the next three years, I had a regular job as a teacher in a private school. At the same time I attended literature workshops, enrolling in English courses which left little time for sports, to swim and my big passion, cycling! At the end of 2013, after tasting the routine, the ups and downs of a teacher's life, I started to feel a little bit trapped by the system. It seemed to be overrun by the power of the unmovable structures. They don't help the kids, instead stifling their growth, their minds, their futures. We need to change the system, but how? In the meantime, I've decided that it was time to learn about life. Nowadays I am travelling on bicycle around South America, trying to learn those things that academia cannot teach. Right now I am also contributing to a project entitled, HANDS AROUND SOUTH AMERICA.

OSE Manifesto in Spanish – Chapter 1

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