SchwartzReport: Micro-Plastics Invade Water and Food — Major Emergent Threat to Human Health & All Systems Dependent on Water Flow

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Once again we see in this report, the latest on the Plastic Waste Trend SR has been following for some years, what wretched excess uncontrolled by any shred of common sense is doing to the Earth. What is becoming clearer year by year is that the micro-particles of plastic produced by the world ocean’s constant agitation of this plastic waste is finding its way into the food chain, and our bodies.

Plastics, Plastics Everywhere — Even In Our Drinks

The world’s oceans and seas are quickly turning into vast garbage dumps, with plastics representing an increasingly large portion of the debris that’s finding its way into marine life and even human food supplies.

Carmen Russell-Sluchansky

Mint Press News, 3 October 2014


“We are finding substantial microplastic in the stomachs of fish,” said Dr. Evangelos Papathanassiou, research director at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, which sits on the same southern Greek coast as many of the hotels and tourist destinations catering to beachgoers. “It’s causing serious damage to the ecosystem.”

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Phi Beta Iota: This is the other major challenge apart from Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO) food pollution and electormagnetic pollution. In addition to the impact on human health, legacy systems using water as a coolant will become subject to clogging, especially where the plastics in the water are exposed to heat and can begin concentrating. On the positive side, the technology exists to convert plastics into fuel, but just as it took over a half-century for known solar technologies to surpass fossil fuels on the time-energy-money scale, so also will it take plastics remediation technologies a quarter century, at least, to gain critical mass, absent a massive global to local education-intelligence-research program.

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