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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Big Data Myths Debunked by Gartner Research

The article titled The Truth About Big Data on Datamation was posted September 26, 2014 and debunks some of the myths surrounding big data. Gartner, tech research firm, has collected data on the plans of organizations for big data. The most hopeful information may have been for businesses who have yet to hop on the big data bandwagon. This may sound like old news, but Gartner’s analysis of its findings leads to their claim that big data solution’s market “is in its infancy.” The article states,

“Seventy-three percent of organizations surveyed by the research group said that they are investing or plan to invest in big data technologies. Yet, only 13 percent said that they had deployed related solutions. Big data projects are stalling out in the planning stage, Gartner discovered. “The biggest challenges that organizations face are to determine how to obtain value from big data, and how to decide where to start,” said the firm in a statement… Gartner recommends that organizations sweat the small stuff.”

This means that the idea that individual flaws in data will have less impact on big data is wrongheaded. More data means more flaws, so keeping a close eye on data quality remains important. Companies need to clear away these misconceptions and others mentioned in the article in order to get the most bang for their big data bucks.

Chelsea Kerwin, October 14, 2014

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