Berto Jongman: Open Source Revolution – Three Ways Humanity Will Never Be the Same

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Open Source Revolution – 3 Ways Humanity Will Never Be The Same

Jeffrey Jaxen

Waking Times, 9 November 2014

Taking a pulse check of the conscious awakening of humanity on all levels, it is sometimes difficult to describe the feelings and experiences we are all encountering. As covered in the recent documentary Collective Evolution III, many signs and yardsticks seem to concur with the filmmakers’ findings that we are riding the wave of something big. One thing is for sure, communities, societies, and the world are in the midst of throwing off any attempts at oppressive control and suppression of information with no signs of stopping.

Open Source Journalism   .   Open Natural Science   .   Open Source Archeology

Phi Beta Iota: We have a list of 55 “opens” and there are of course many more. It is an “all in” endeavor.

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