Hal Bergel: Cloud Insecurity — Companies Cut Corners on Taxes, Regulations, AND Security…

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Hal Berghel
Hal Berghel

Why Clouds Give Me a Case of the Vapors

IEEE Computer, 1 November 2014


In my personal life I build trusted relationships one tax-avoiding, jurisdiction-shopping multinational corporation at a time. Show me a company that engages in labor arbitraging and offshore production in third-world countries paying starvation wages3 and that avoids taxes through shadow companies in Ireland (Apple Operations International) so it can reap real profits in the US only to pay virtual taxes in invisible jurisdictions4—what The New York Times calls the “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich”5—and I’ll show you a company that deserves my full faith and confidence. Passwords? Crypto keys? Security
questions? Not needed. Oh, corporate giants, have your digital way with me!

PDF (4 Pages): Hal on Cloud Insecurity 11-14

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