Earth Week in Review — End of Year Donations Sought, Tax-Deductible for US Donors

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In 2008 Winston Maiki, our most treasured Australian analyst and the Latin scholar who corrected our first motto (E Veritate Potens) died and with him to the grave went his servers and our invesment in the automated rolling headlines database and weekly curated documents known as

Destabilizing Threats, Stabilizing Policies, and Global Powers at a Glance

A sample from that era is here: PDBweekly20070716

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We are now constructing its replacement. The rolling headlines will be free, the weekly curated review will be by subscription for a weekly donation of $1 ($52 a year).  The feed and triage model we are creating will be offered free to the public so that those who wish might create their own versions for specific countries, provinces or states, counties or municipalities.

It would be hugely helpful to us to obtain some end-of-year donations — tax-deductible for US taxpayers to fund the first month of operations. Donors will receive subscription equivalency. Donors of $250 or more will receive, in addition to subscription credit, a skype consultation on how to implement the model for themselves and their particular interests.

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