John Steiner: Mark Bittman in NYT – Is It Bad Enough Yet?

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John Steiner
John Steiner

Is It Bad Enough Yet?

THE police killing unarmed civilians. Horrifying income inequality. Rotting infrastructure and an unsafe “safety net.” An inability to respond to climate, public health and environmental threats. A food system that causes disease. An occasionally dysfunctional and even cruel government. A sizable segment of the population excluded from work and subject to near-random incarceration.

You get it: This is the United States, which, with the incoming Congress, might actually get worse.

. . . . . . .

Everything affects everything. It’s all tied together, and the starting place hardly matters: A just and righteous system will have a positive impact on everything we care about, just as an unjust, exploitative system makes everything worse.

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Phi Beta Iota: There are two big insights here. First, that everything is connected. This is not a new insight for those of us that follow Buckminster Fuller and Russell Ackoff, but for the so-called intelligencia, it is a revolutionary awakening long over-due. Second, that We are We — it's not about one small group with one issue specific to themselves — it is about ALL of us bringing ALL of our issues together so as to self-govern responsibly. The billionaires throwing around multi-million dollar chunks on single issue groups could learn something here.

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