Owl: Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton 2016 — Two Crime Families Fight for Scraps?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Oh, going to do it, no doubt about it. It's going to be him against Hillary.  2 crime families fighting it out. Inevitable.

Jeb Bush sending signals that he may be getting ready for 2016 presidential run

“Jeb Bush and his emissaries are sending increasingly strong signals that the former Florida governor is gearing up for a 2016 presidential campaign, with associates saying he could announce his intentions within a month. Bush recently e-mailed major Republican donors asking them to, as several of them put it, “keep your powder dry.” His allies are urging would-be bundlers not to commit to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or other potential rivals. Bush’s top strategist, Mike Murphy, has also been telling potential campaign staffers not to sign up to work for another candidate and to expect Bush’s announcement soon.”

Phi Beta Iota: 42 specific individuals “own” the US Government. The President has not “been” president since the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a team lead by LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover on the inside, including CIA non-official cover officer George Bush of Zapata Oil, Rubin of Israel, Cuban criminals and exiles mobilized by CIA, and of course Texas energy and New York money.  The perfect storm. What we have here is two political crime families, each groomed over the years by criminal elements in both the US Government and at the highest levels of finance and energy, fighting for scraps. When the Koch brothers can make $3 million an hour in interest, and pay to remove all references to civil disobedience in school books, we don't have a government, we have a circus of stooges. There are two opportunities for corrective action: a public mobilization to demand electoral reform and a coalition government capable of actually governing with intelligence and integrity; and an internal government mobilization of counterintelligence and intelligence with integrity, cracking down on the financial, religious, and ideological traitors that have reduced the US Government to a theatrical role focused on keeping the herd quiet while the owners liquidate everything. Jeb Bush may think he can win, Karl Rove has no doubt guaranteed this (Rove has been very wrong in the past), more likely he is playing a long game toward VP or Secretary of State, seeking a broader stage at taxpayer expense. Romney-Bush would be a strong ticket — certainly strongly than anything Hillary Clinton has put together. It would be stronger still if it made a sincere commitment to press for Electoral Reform in 2015 and formed a Coalition Cabinet in  time for 2016. Miracles do happen. We continue to believe that America the Beautiful will survive its elite criminal class and their political crime families.

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