Stephen E. Arnold: A Balanced View of “Artificial Intelligence” — Elementary, Not a Threat — Most, Including Factiva, Have Missed the Boat…

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Artificial Intelligence: Duh? What?

I have been following the “AI will kill us”, the landscape of machine intelligence craziness, and “Artificial Intelligence Isn’t a Threat—Yet.”

The most recent big thinking on this subject appears in the Wall Street Journal, an organization in need of any type of intelligence: Machine, managerial, fiscal, online, and sci-fi.

Harsh? Hmm. The Wall Street Journal has been running full page ads for Factiva. If you are not familiar with this for fee service, think 1981. The system gathers “high value” content and makes it available to humans clever enough to guess the keywords that unlock, not answers, but a list of documents presumably germane to the keyword query. There are wrappers that make Factiva more fetching. But NGIA systems (what I call next generation information access systems) use the Factiva methods perfected 40 years ago as a utility.

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Phi Beta Iota: Factiva showed great promise at one time, but never made the jump from documentation search to sense-making — and neither has anyone else, all claims notwithstanding. We still do not have the eighteen CATALYST functionalities in one affordable, interoperable, scalable box, and we still stink at both all-source collection with an emphasis on analog, gray literature, and localized knowledge and at connecting humans in near-real-time for conversations creating choices. The barriers are primarily cultural including a security mind-set that can only be described as retarded.

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