Stephen E. Arnold: Bottlenose — Hype without Limit?

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Bottlenose: Not a Dolphin, Another Intelligence Vendor


The reality of many commercial services, which may or may not apply to Bottlenose, is that:

  • The systems use information on RSS feeds, the public information available from Twitter and Facebook, and changes to Web pages. These systems do not and cannot due to the cost  perform comprehensive collection of high-interest data. The impression is that something is being done which is probably not actually taking place.

  • The consequence of processing a subset of information is that the outputs may be dead wrong at worst and misleading at best. Numerical processes can identify that Lady Gaga’s popularity is declining relative to Taylor Swift’s. But this is a function that has been widely available from dozens of vendors for many years. Are the users of these systems aware of the potential flaws in the outputs? In my experience, nope.
  • The same marketing tendencies that have contributed to the implosion of the commercial enterprise search sector are now evident in the explanation of what can be done with historical and predictive math. The hype may attract a great deal of money. But it appears that generating and sustaining revenue is a challenge few companies in this sector have been able to achieve. Read more.

Phi Beta Iota: There are eight aspects of computer-assisted analytics that are in the yellow or red stages of development.  No one is in the green (singleton caves that can never be replicated do not count and are in any event are missing 80% of the relevant information).

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