Anthony Judge: Changing Patterns using Transformation Pathways

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Changing Patterns using Transformation Pathways

Exploring “camp-us” inspiration by an alien world view as a metaphor

Code within code as story within story: associating familiar and unfamiliar
Proof of concept: use of drilled truncated cube as a mapping framework for 64 elements
Mapping attributions: preliminary assumptions from patterns of codons
Complementary mapping of I Ching hexagrams
Indicative mutual constraints between codon and hexagram patterns
Challenging cognitive business-as-usual: expecting the unexpected
Transcending mechano-linearity versus fruit-loopery
Configuring a focus for awareness through a cognitive twist
Toroidal configurations as fruitful loopery
Memetic analogue to the 20 amino acids as vital to psychosocial life? (Annex)