Owl: John Robb on ISIS as Violence Entrepreneur, Russia Using ISIS to Take Down Saudi Arabia and Lift Oil Prices

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

John Robb examines how a Wahabi state such as Saudi Arabia can be taken down by super-Wahabi violence entrepreneur ISIS, with a little help from their friends in Russia, or more specifically, the Russian mafia's hacker legions.  What is unique about his most recent analysis is insisting that the amount of money to be gained by ISIS from conquest of Saudi Arabia would be utterly astronomical, due to their oil resources. Expertise implemented by Russian hackers, with the blessing of the Russian government, who both would be wildly enriched in taking down Saudi communications, would be indispensable in insuring this war would succeed against Saudi Arabia.The hacker's fees would be gigantic and Russia's oil revenue would rebound if ISIS took over the Saudi oil industry.

Jihadi Entrepreneurs and the IPO of the Century

Russia Hacks its way to Victory

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