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Saudi Arabia may be plunging into an abyss, but the various commentators, while sounding the alarm as they are wont to do, tend to ignore the origins of ISIS (funded by SA and armed by US), the false flag aspects of Paris, and the larger global imbalances that are destined to put dictators and the 1% out of absolute power at some point in the future. We are dealing with a contagion of our own making, while ignoring our own severe deficiencies across multiple fronts (political, social, economic, financial, cultural).  Here is one headline.  Additional commentary and many others are below the line.

Saudi Arabia Plunges into an Abyss

Owl Continued:

In the effort at looking for good information on Saudi Arabia in connection to the threat of ISIS especially, we find most of what is available is so lacking and incomplete as to be useless for determining a good forecast or plausible scenarios for what may happen. I have known well people who have lived there for years and I have been told parts of the Saudi Royal Family are Arab versions of the decadent Roman emperors such as Caligula. The rank-and-file citizens of the country thus hate them for both their hypocrisy in religious matters and fear them for their repression of and cruelty to the public, so internal support of the country’s rulers – either for one or both of these reasons – is very weak, this point is quite certain. On top of this, sources I’ve read elsewhere well establish there is much internal conflict and factionalism within the royal family (see links below on this), not to mention the top leadership is very geriatric and rife with physical illness. But as the ISIS threat increases (see links below), watch for more Game-of-Thrones-like and fratricidal wacks or killings erupting between various Saudi royal family factions that support ISIS or oppose it. With enough conflict and wacks occurring within the large royal family, by the time even a semi-ragtag and open-source ISIS army were to commence an invasion, it would be a cakewalk, because with a de-populated and paralyzed royal family leadership from assassination, strife and escaping to the Riviera, the Saudi military leadership and their cadres will collapse.

According to blogger John Robb, the recent killing of a Saudi general in charge of protecting the northern border could not have happened without help and information from ISIS supporters at the highest levels of the Saudi military and, we may add, the royal family, leading to, says Robb, a likely ISIS invasion of  Saudi Arabia this Spring. If Robb is correct, the recent announcement from the Saudi government indicating it intends to build a 600-1000 mile wall on the border to protect the country from an ISIS invasion strikes us as ludicrous and futile, it would be too little and too late, taking too long to build to be effective. But significantly, this news surely signals extraordinary desperation and fear of ISIS in parts, at least, of the Saudi monarchy. This should be very concerning to the US and West, because were an invasion to begin, the consequences to global oil and financial markets would be catastrophic, and US troops would be sent again into the Middle East in large numbers.

Phi Beta Iota: The ineptitude of the Saudi regime cannot be over-stated, but we also must seriously question all accounts of ISIS as anything other than a mob funded by Saudi Arabia to begin with, and nurtured by the USA with training and what passes for intelligence.  As with the USA, where Mitt Romney is delusional in thinking that talking about poverty will allow him to ignore the fundementals (what America really wants and needs is a restoration of public power and an end to 1% depradation fronted by a two-party tyranny that is corrupt to the bone), the 42 or so dictators that are out there (one axis of evil), among which the Saudis are the wealthiest, the most decadent, and the most out of touch with reality, the emerging global conflict is about human dignity, justice, and social subsistence. A tiny fraction of the 1% are starting to “get” that 100% corrupt government — the wet dream of the US Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street all these years — is not working! Talk of inclusive capitalism, redemptive capitalism, and mutuality economics are a dawning recognition that justice is like disease — when you screw the 99% over a sustained period, it comes back to the 1% more virulent than ever.

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