Pierre Cloutier: Egyptian President Al-Sisi We must revolutionize our religion – Fundamentalism and Islamism in question

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Pierre Cloutier
Pierre Cloutier

Le président égyptien Al-Sisi: Nous devons révolutionner notre religion
L’intégrisme ou l’islamisme en cause

Egyptian President Al-Sisi
Fundamentalism and Islamism in question

Full text English translation below the line.

You will find enclosed something very important and that went unnoticed in the West. This is a speech by Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah al-Sisi, delivered December 28, 2014 – recently – before the authorities of Islam over the Grand Mosque of Al Azhar in Cairo, which is same time one of the largest Islamic universities worldwide. It is from this place that define the highest standards and doctrine of Islam. Al Azhar is Islam that the Vatican is for Catholics. Listen to what they told the Egyptian president who does not beat the back of the spoon. It's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEhNarfrlec

I took the trouble to make a free translation you can find below followed by my comments. I hope this will feed your reflection after the tragic events of Paris.

“We have previously spoken of religious discourse. And I would say that we are not doing enough regarding the true religious discourse. The problem has never been that of our faith. The problem lies in our ideology, one that has been sanctified by us. I speak of religious discourse that has over today. I speak to you, clerics and scholars of Islam. We need to look very closely at the situation. I spoke this several times in the past. We have to take a painful and difficult look at our current situation. it is inconceivable that the ideology that we have sanctified helps make our nation a concern, danger, killings and . destruction throughout the world it is inconceivable that this ideology – I am not referring to religion, but ideology – that is to say, the corpus of ideas and texts we have sanctified in the centuries – is rendered to a point where it is almost impossible to challenge. This ideology has reached a point where it is a threat to the world. It is inconceivable that 1.6 billion Muslims want to kill the rest of humanity, or 7 billion people to live only among themselves. I say these things here in front of Al-Azhar, before religious and scholars of Islam. God be witness doomsday truth your intentions on what I tell you today. You can not see things with clarity if you do not get out of this ideology and look from the outside in order to allow you to approach a true enlightened ideology. You must oppose the current ideology firmly. Let me say it again: we must revolutionize our religion. Honourable imam of the Grand Mosque Al Azhar, you wear this responsibility before God. The whole world awaits your words, because the Islamic nation is falling apart and destroy itself. It goes directly to his loss and it is we who are responsible. ”
That's the message must take the Muslim community wherever it is found. Plain and short, this means that Muslims around the world must, while retaining their faith and following the peaceful verses of the Qur'an of the period of Mecca (610-622), redact the Koran violent ideological verses barbarians discriminatory and draconian of the Medina period (622-633), where Muhammad became a head of state and a warlord.

You realize that this speech goes completely against that of French President Francois Hollande who was quick to say the day of the attack against Charlie Hebdo that “it has nothing to do with Islam “.

Well, it has precisely to do with Islam, because you have to understand, once and for all that Islam is both a religion and an ideology. A religion of love, tolerance and peace on one side – the verses of Mecca – violent and barbaric ideology on the other – the verses of Medina. Islam is the hot and cold at the same time. This is a maelstrom, a shambles. a potluck where everyone – pacifists such as violent – find something to drink and eat.

Islam is schizophrenic. Nobody asks Muslims to renounce their belief in God (Allah). No One. However, they are asked to EXPOSING UP AND FORT their deadly and murderous ideology contained in the verses of Medina.

A “good” Muslim is a Muslim who has or will have the courage to do so and those who have or will have the courage and will of our admiration.

No need to depart in international politics to understand such simple things to understand. The cause of the causes of Islamist terrorism is there.

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