Robert Steele: Google — Deep Learning Shallow Baloney

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

I really am tired of the baloney surrounding Google, which calls itself an “artificial intelligence” company. There is no question that its computational mathematics are out of this world — they are also unregulated (the US Government is incompetent in this domain) and divorced from the humanities — people working for Google do not “compute” words like Consilience. Below is an article full of hype that manages to avoid the reality that Google indexes less than 4% of the digital web (their number, mine is 2%) while failing to date to provide any tools for analytics (shared calendars and spreadsheets are nice — like colorful napkins). Never mind that less than 1% of big data is processable; that it takes three years to move a petabyte across the crappy infrastructure the US Government has failed to elevate, or that there are five billion humans out there, each of whom has a brain vastly more able than any computer NSA or Google (NSA Lite) might have in hand. Never mind that Google has no clue when it comes to the intersection of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering. Google is — like most of the secret intelligence community and most of Wall Street banking — a Ponzi scheme. Keep the money moving.  Never mind striving for ethical evidence-based decision-support or serving the public interest.

Internet to Neural Net: Google – Still in the (Shitty) Search

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