Howard Rheingold: Web Information Dashboard

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Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold

I’ve used Netvibes as an RSS reader for years. I particularly how easy it is to sync my attentional priorities to my on-screen info-flow by dragging higher priority tabs to the left and positioning the most important feeds at the top of their tab pages. If I am more pressed for time, I can just skim the headlines in the leftmost tab and/or topmost row of feeds (of course the actual way one positions feeds and tabs is arbitrary — the point is to pay attention to your priorities and go through the actions of rearranging your information flows to match. It’s a tool for taking control of both the screen-side and mind-side aspects of infotention. This new service appears to be an expansion of the dashboard capabilities to include something similar to (and Netvibes claims more powerful than) IFTTT — which I confess I have not done more than dabbled in.

A Dashboard That Lets You Easily Connect Web Services, From Email to Twitter

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