Robin Good: Humans Not Google Key Trusted Sources

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Robin Good
Robin Good

Trust Chain: Low (Media), Medium (Search Engines), High (Human)

It is only a matter of time before trusted aggregators and human curators will become the main sources of reliable information for most people. In fact, the January release of the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer shows that for the first time ever, the informed public trusts more search engines – aka Google – than traditional news and media outlets. Even more interesting is the fact that “Seventy-two percent trust information posted by friends and family on social media, blogs and other digital sites, while 70 percent trust content posted by academic experts.” as it highlights the fact that Google and search engines may be only an intermediary step in the journey toward a news ecosystem that will see trusted human editors, experts and curators for individual subjects who aggregate and curate content from multiple sources as the key reference points for news. This is must-read data for anyone interested in seeing where the future of news and search are headed. Enlightening data. 9/10

Intellectual Property and Trust in the Age of Digital Media

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