Sepp Hasslberger: FLOSS (Open Source) Laptop with No Mystery Abusive Software

Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger

Finally a laptop geared specifically for open source (free/libre) operating system and software…

Librem 15: A Free/Libre Software Laptop That Respects Your Essential Freedoms

The Purism Librem 15 is the first high-end laptop in the world that ships without mystery software in the kernel, operating system, or any software applications. Every other consumer-grade laptop you can purchase comes with an operating system that includes suspect, proprietary software, and there’s no way for you to know what that software does. The reality is that unless every aspect of your kernel, operating system, and software applications are free/libre and open source, there is no way to know that your computer is truly working in your best interest. Purism is the first to solve this problem. Read more.

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