Berto Jongman: US Jade Helm 15 Civil War Exercise? False Flag EMP Attacks to Frighten Population? FEMA “Death Domes” & Focus on Texas?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Being read in Europe.

Jade Helm 15 Is a False Flag Takedown of the Power Grid in Order to Quell All Resistance

FEMA ‘Death Domes’ Popping Up Across Texas Raise Alarm As Jade Helm 15 Invades Southwestern America With Texas Listed ‘Hostile’

Army Special Operations Command pushes back against alarmist claims about upcoming exercise

Phi Beta Iota: The scare mongers on EMP do not understand EMP. Yes, 50 caliber bullets and well-placed explosives can take down power grids, but the resilience is greater than most realize. What SHOULD be of concern is the delusional belief of the US Government that it can shut down and control a population of seriously-pissed off and very armed pe0ple, many of them — millions of them — angry veterans. There is only one non-violent solution to our present situation: Electoral Reform. Everything else is theater or a crime against humanity.

Tip of the Hat to Tim White for the Army push-back story.

Worth of note (Army IT is retarded): “Officials at USASOCM were not able to immediately verify the authenticity of the slide show because their computer firewalls prevented them from accessing the websites where the document appeared.” Army IT is so screwed up it deletes emails with a tinyurl anywhere in the email or any attachment, and blocks a very large number of legitimate websites because Army IT is so stupid it defaults to blocking rather than thinking.

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