Friends of Europe: Not Friendly, Not Thoughtful — Comment by Robert Steele

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logo friends of europeFriends of Europe (€2,281,515 a year budget) is delighted to send you the report of its last Security Jam, launched today at a debate with General Philip Breedlove, NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and Ambassador Alain Le Roy, incoming Secretary General of the European External Action Service. European Union and NATO leaders must act urgently to set up a security organisation in the Middle East, create an EU consensus on immigration, asylum and human trafficking, and open up jobs for women in intelligence operations, according to the 2,300-strong Jam community. The experts also urged the creation of an international ‘Cyberpol’ agency.

10 Recommendations & Comment by Robert Steele Below the Fold

01 The new EU & NATO leaders should update their organisations’security strategies, coordinating more closely to ensure greater coherence and mutual reinforcement in shaping the securityenvironment.

02 EU & NATO governments’ strategic communications efforts mustbe made more coherent and effective so as to counter hostilenarratives and underline universal values of democracy and self-determination.

03 NATO, the EU and the OSCE should stimulate the creation of an Organisation for Security and Cooperation in the Middle East with countries in the region.

04 NATO’s Defence Planning Process should be faster and more innovative to spur nations and industry to deal more effectivelywith rapidly changing threats.

05 NATO should build resilience to absorb asymmetric threats andunconventional attacks by coordinating the work of its Centres ofExcellence to this end.

06 The EU should set up and maintain an up-to-date and public common picture of migration, asylum and human trafficking flows and operations to ensure an integrated, comprehensive andcoherent approach, just as ReliefWeb does for disaster response.

07 EU & NATO gender-inclusiveness efforts should, in the context of UNSCR 1325, be strengthened by substantial increases in the number of women in the forces on the ground engaged in intelligence and information operations.

08 The UN Special Envoy to Syria and others engaged in mediation should reinforce the importance of UNSCR 1325, seeking to ensure that women, including female combatants fighting IS, are fully represented at all stages of the peace and reconciliation process.

09 National and regional cybersecurity bodies should promote the creation of an international ‘Cyberpol’ cybersecurity agency supported by major international organisations such as the UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, NATO and the OSCE.

10 The EU, NATO and governments should actively encourage and support universities in cybersecurity research and education.

PDF (37 Pages): Security Jam Report – Reappraising Global Security (Spring 2015)

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: As much as I respect the original good intentions of the US theater commands, the time has come for the US to close all bases and commands located abroad, and to shut down all theater commands less the four that I envisioned in the 1990's for the US Army's Strategic Studies Institute, shown below: CINCWAR (Phoenix), CINCSOLIC (Tampa), CINCPEACE (Tampa), and CINCHOME (Denver).

European leaders are not stupid but they are very hypocritical and short-sighted if they do not publicly acknowledge that NATO as it is now organized and led is in the business of creating wars and proliferating US made — not European made — arms including bio-chemical and nuclear and radiological weapons of mass destruction. Until the EU throws NATO out of town and ends its reliances on the US for “leadership” that is fatally toxic, the EU will be a virtual colony of US banks and unable to think clearly or act coherently.

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The 10 recommendations are pedestrian and certain to fail — they perpetuate Europe's reliance on NATO and on the multinational liaison model of information management, a model optimized to enable coiuntries to lie to each other and not be held accountable by the public for its lies, generally secret lies. What Europe needs, in addition to closing down NATO and eliminating all US bases and all US troops, aircraft, and naval vessels permanently based in Europe, is a European Multinational Intelligence and Operations Coordination Centre.  ONE such center, not one for each region and one for each problem. The absolute last thing Europe should be doing is spinning up for war in the Middle East or the creation of a cyber-security centre that will be nothing more than another expensive coffee klatch where vendors lie to the governments and the governments go through the motions.

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Were Europe to embrace the ten high-level threats to humanity, and embrace holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering as I recommended to the Government of Ecuador and in my Spanda Journal article recently published, Europe would quickly discover that it can make peace with Russia and begin to incentivize an exit strategy for all the dictators south and east of its borders who are the prime movers in sending hoards of dispossessed north and west.

Friends of Europe does not appear to be friendly — nor truly thoughtful. It appears to be a covert operations movement, probably aligned with the Atlantic Council, the CIA, and other toxic fronts for the fading Empire. Europe needs to restore its own integrity and then help the emergent US political and economic reform movements restore integrity in the USA. The BRICS (or RIC) are on their own path — the Americas and Africa will eventually throw out their remaining dictators, declare a debt jubille, and end colonialism in all its forms. Anyone who does not see that — and who is not preparing for those days of win-win deliberative and humane and respectful truth and reconciliation — is part of the problem.  St.

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