Jefferey Jaxen: Medical Informed Consent Gone

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Jeff Jaxen
Jeff Jaxen

Western Medicine In Trouble: The Death of Informed Consent

A monumental ethical issue is hovering over the entire medical establishment in the United States that threatens its integrity and trust. The human element is being removed from the equation, replaced by computers to give us our options, and legislation to remove our choice. Somewhere in the shuffle, the individual’s informed consent was broken down, lost in the paperwork, and made irrelevant.

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Phi Beta Iota: Artificial stupidity and automated corruption are major emergent threats in  the cyber-world. Just as the US Government has been grotesquely irresponsible for 25 years on the matter of code-level communications and computing security, now the US Government — hardly acting or thinking in the public interest — is allowing a deepening of the health crisis.

PS: Don't want your kid to be circumcised?  Go straight to jail.

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