Open Power: Strategy for Public Victory

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The question has been asked: Can we really do this? Below is one answer. A national conversation should yield both many more answers, and public confidence that it can indeed restore integrity to the US electoral process, to all three branches of the federal government, and eventually to all state and local governments — while demonstrating a model that could work around the world, over time eliminating the 42 dictators that are now “best pals” of a very corrupt US merged network of crime and politics.

Below are bullets on Strategy, Principles, Money, Timing, Principals, and Outcomes.


  • Center of gravity is any combination of Angus King – Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren, Ron Paul – Dennis Kucinich or whatever the public perceives that can mobilize “critical mass” among the 80 million Cultural Creatives, the 110 million near or below the poverty line, the 30 million totally unemployed, the 20 million new college graduates living at home for lack of work, and so on.
  • Facebook and MoveOn could be central factors in mass mobilization but their leaders have to “get” the idea of unifying everyone on the ONE THING that a) matters and b) can be won by the masses.
  • Exit strategy for the 1% — no confiscation, no violence, truth & reconciliation, is a foundation for success.


  • Restoring the Constitution, the balance of power, and integrity to the US Government is our central focus.
  • The Electoral Reform Act of 2015 is our capital demand — restoring integrity, not electing individual, and certainly not arguing about issues, is our primary means for achieving a government Of, By, and For We the People.
  • Non-violence is utterly central but does not preclude the “in your face” Occupy movement from being the most important public face of the movement, along with labor (both employed and unemployed). The Members of Congress must fear for their livelihood if they fail to pass the Electoral Reform Act of 2015.


  • Peter Ackerman, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer along with Mark Zuckerberg, are the most obvious sources of seed money. The progressive and conservative activists have been so successfully fragmented that they will be largely worthless unless first brought together by a well-funded ($2.5 million) seed campaign.
  • BigBatUSA ( available) has the potential, at no more than $10 from each of the 80 million Cultural Creatives — most will give $20 to $50) to create a war chest in 2015 — and every year thereafter — of no less than $800 million. The power of this money will be multiplied by the social networks and — after passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 — free candidate access to the airwaves and print media, eliminating the current barriers to public access.


  • If the Act is to be passed prior to 4 November 2015, Congress will have to be pressured by the public over the summer, perhaps even to the point that Congress is recalled into session.
  • A tentative timeframe would provide for a mix of workshops with the Independents and small parties, labor unions and universities, in April and May, culminating in an Electoral Reform Summit in June and a DEMAND that the Act be passed before the summer recess, in time to celebrate it on 4 July 2015. Congress — the two-party tyranny — is unlikely to meet this demand without being totally smashed by public pressure, hence a planned summer campaign to occupy the front lawns, home offices, and every waking moment of every Member who fails to sign the pledge that includes a demand for a special session of Congress to pass the Act.
  • Every local, state, and federal candidate for office ever blocked from ballot access should reinvigorate their campaigns and make the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 central to their mobilization of support for integrity and for their candidacies.


  • While this fight is about principles — restoring integrity to the US electoral process, government, economy, and society — the principals must be recognized from across the sane wings of the Republican and Democratic Party, the Libertarians (the largest party after the duopoloy), the Greens (the most earnest thoughtful small party), and others is various states of emergence (Constitution, Justice, Working Families) or disorder (Reform).
  • The easiest path to victory would appear to be one that unites the principals from across the transpartisan spectrum on ONE THING: the principle of electoral reform. Other transpartisan initiatives are certain to fail because they are focusing on conversations without purpose and without a sense of urgency. 2016 is ours to lose. Integrating acknowledged non-partisan experts into a Coalition Cabinet that first bonds while leading the fight for electoral reform, and then runs as a team able to highlight the shallowness and lack of integrity of the duopoly alternatives now represented by Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, should appeal to the two thirds of the electorate that is now disenfranchised and increasingly aware of the cost to them of being disenfranchised and powerless.


  • We must demonstrate a modicum of financial power early on. $10K raised here could lead to $100K from a single sponsor, that in turn could lead to a $2.5M grant from someone like Peter Ackerman (Americans Elect still has value, it was just very badly managed and still does not “get” where it needs to focus — on team building rather than a single individual). After that crowd-funding should kick in –what people are willing to donate for an open source controller should translate into donations for an open power government.
  • We must demonstrate inclusive unity early on. The Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties must come together and agree to set aside all ideological and policy issues in favor of ONE THING: electoral reform. The Independents need a new center of leadership, is insipid, uninspiring, and lacking a real commitment to electing Independents.
  • Winning over the “Black Sheep Billiionaires” and particularly Warren Buffet, Lady Lynn Rothschild (born in New Jersey), the Mars Family, and others, is important. An absolute commitment to non-violent revolution with truth & reconciliation is essential. There must be no threat of ex post facto confiscations or punitive actions. Financial crimes to date have been legalized by a criminally-inclined Congress. Fix that and we fix the economy and society.
  • Once the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 is passed, BigBatUSA (which would become a properly registered political action enterprise) would turn to the task of helping Independent and small party — and sane duopoly — candidates for federal office. For 2018 this power will be focused from 2016 onwards on achieving similar integrity gains at the local and state levels. After 2018, the model could be shared world-wide starting in Brazil.



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