Open Power: The National Conversation on Electoral Reform, Honest Government, and Our Future

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Joan Blades, the brilliant human that created MoveOn and Moms Rising, is now leading a new movement and meme,  Living Room Conversations. Below is the first draft of what has gone forward for possible elevation to a national conversation about THE issue of our day.

NOTE: The critical genius of Joan's concept is the conversation first focuses on building understanding and trust face to face without regard to any issues. Appreciation for one another comes first. We consider this vastly more important than any transpartisan or activist movement because it crosses all boundaries and goes directly to “root” — our shared humanity.

Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – THE Living Room Conversation of the Era

What has taken place over the last generation is a highly complicated merger of crime and policy, of stealing and government. Far from taking care of the rest of us, the financial leaders of America and their political servants have seemingly reached the cynical conclusion that our society is not worth saving and have taken on a new mission that involved not creating wealth for us all, but simply absconding with whatever wealth remains in our hollowed out economy. They don’t feed us, we feed them. Matt Taibbi, Griftopia (p. 32)

Question 1: What is an honest government Of, By, and For We the People?
Suggested topics: Constitution, Checks & Balances, Transparency, Responsiveness to Public

Question 2: Do we live in a democracy? What defines a democracy?
Suggested topics: How many voters? How many voted? How many parties? How many in power?

Question 3: What is electoral reform? Is it just about money, or the debates?
Suggested topics: Ballot access, paper ballots publicly counted on site, instant-run off, end to gerrymandering, who should manage debates and who should participate, money, media access, transparency of legislation and prior publication for public comment.

Question 4: Do we have the power to restore an honest government?
Suggested topics: Electoral reform, coalition cabinet, balanced budget, full employment, tax reform.

Question 5: What are some steps we can take in 2015 to elect an honest government in 2016?
Suggested topics: Americans Elect, Facebook, MoveOn, BigBat fund-raiser, Occupy, Electoral Reform Summit

Question 6: What are the obstacles to a majority of the public achieving electoral reform?
Suggested topics: 1% fear, two-party greed, public apathy and ignorance, the “big disconnect” among all.

Question 7: Do you want to restore integrity to our electoral process and government?
Suggested topics: What’s it worth to you? What are you willing to do this month? This year? Can we save 2016?

A new paradigm of leadership is not the solution to those [societal] problems.  Rather, a postindustrial school of leadership will help people change the dominant paradigm governing their society, thereby empowering them to transform their society and, one hopes, solve some of these outstanding problems. (Joe Rost, 1993, p. 182)

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