Owl: Ralph Peters on How Outsiders, Not Insiders, Change the World — Old Guard Blind to the End!

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Who? Who?

This wise article by Ralph Peters should be sent to every senator and congressperson, especially their staffs, not that there is much hope any of them would gain from the wisdom contained in it. This sample from it is can be offer hope or seem ominous, depending on which side of the fight you are on:

Ralph Peters
Ralph Peters

Of course, the insiders can’t accept so abhorrent a prospect as their own fallibility. So when new blood does enter — through those same “elite” institutions — it’s channeled into the same old calcium-clogged arteries. And we get generals with Ivy League Ph.D.s writing military doctrine that adheres cringingly to politically correct truisms and leaves out the very factors, such as the power of religion or ethnic hatred, that prove decisive. Or a usually astute commentator on Eastern European affairs who dismisses Vladimir Putin as a mere chinovnik, a petty bureaucrat, since Putin was only a lieutenant colonel in the KGB when the Soviet Union collapsed and didn’t go to a Swiss prep school like John Kerry. That analyst overlooked the fact that Hitler had been a mere lance corporal. Stalin was a failed seminarian. Lenin was a destitute syphilitic. Ho Chi Minh washed dishes in the basement of a Paris Hotel. And when the French Revolution  erupted, Napoleon was a junior artillery officer. And sophisticated Germans assumed they could use Hitler and then dismiss him, while other Europeans mocked him. Stalin’s fellow Bolsheviks underestimated him, until it was too late and their fates were sealed. The French didn’t notice Ho. And Napoleon shocked even his own lethargic family. The “man on horseback” is often the man from nowhere, and the members of the club ignore the torches in the streets until the club burns down around them.


Putin vs. the preppies and the Ph.D.s: Outsiders, not insiders, change the world

 Phi Beta Iota: Brother Ralph is more focused on the use of hard power against external threats we fail to understand. His understanding could also be applied to internal corruption — although the elites are fragmented as we write this, the vast majority of them truly believe they can carry on looting the USA with impunity, and that We the People will remain a subsevient apathetic mass of inconsequential pathos.

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