Review (Guest): America’s Deadliest Export – Democracy (The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else)

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William Blum

5 of 5 Stars. Truth of american foreign policy

By Joan M McGreevy on June 6, 2013

[This book] was not a big surprise to me since I have been aware of the nature of our bloody brutal empire for about 10 years when I was 42, but it did reveal to me some things that I was still unaware of. I devoured it. I finished it much quicker than most books I read. I particularly love pages 16 and 17 where he gives 6 main points the empire is interested in.1 The US does not mean well. 2. The US is not concerned with democracy. 3. Anti-american terrorists are motivated by decades of awful things done to their homelands by US foreign policy. 4. The US supports terrorism against “OFFICIAL” enemies. 5. Iraq was no threat to the US. 6. There was never any such animal as the International Communist conspiracy. Read it for yourself and judge for yourself!

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Phi Beta Iota: In a personal interview on 3 March 2015, William Blum itemized the five exports of the US Government in our name and at our expense:

1. Assassinations
2. Bombings
3. Civil Wars
4. Election Interference
5. Regime Change

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