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Source Summary: Author Max Borders, Director of Content for The Foundation for Economic Freedom, V&E co-founder and seasteading contributor, asked Joe to sum up why floating cities are a vital and realistic goal. Max suggested Joe seize people’s attention with an arresting fact that will turn a common perspective upside down. That he does. Joe offers a global historical view of why freedom and prosperity advance. He concludes describing our next practical step, the Floating City Project, and leaves the audience with an image that may inspire designers to submit to our Architectural Design Contest.

Phi Beta Iota: A “wow” opening insight — the distance between anyone who is single and making $36,000, and those making $1 or less a day, is vaster than the difference between us and the multi-billionaires. This is a powerful video on breakaway experiments in governance — envision a thousand start-up governments (innovation centres) on the sea. Aquapreneurs!

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