CounterPunch: Rise of “Islam as a Solution” Fundamentalism and Failure of the Left in the Middle East

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counterpunch goodThe Rise of Religious Powers and the Failure of the Left in The Middle-East: An Interview with Ramzy Baroud


The general idea was: both US-western and Soviet models have failed or are failing, and there is an urgent need for alternative.

Don’t forget these societies fought and are fighting against extremely corrupt, brutal, calculating manipulative dictatorships like Hosni Mubarak that have been in existence for decades. It is not just about an individual dictator but it is the class that has controlled every aspect of life in every nation. In order to uproot these corrupt systems, the price is predictably high. But someone has to stand up and challenge the system.

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Phi Beta Iota: The intellectual and moral emptiness of the US “intelligence” community has contributed to the idiocy and ideological-corruption of US policy. Failing to do holistic analytics with true cost economics, the US allowed itself into being bribed into accepting a Saudi alternative to the Soviets as the prevailing dogma — while overlooking the relevance of Soviet concepts to the dispossessed abused by dictators supported by the USA. Today the USA, not the Soviet Union, is the primary exporter of arms, the primary force for elective wars killing and dispossessing tens of millions, the primary protector of the 1% world-wide against the 99%. Our honorable government employees and particularly our honorable and courageous men and women in the Armed Forces are also abused.

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