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Tom Atlee - Robert Steele
Tom Atlee – Robert Steele


* Collectively generated decision-support tailored to any need at any point in time and space — blends holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering toward a notional 24/7 World Brain.


Harnessing the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth is how I thought of it in 1994, and the one phrase Mike Nelson borrowed from me for use by Al Gore.

* collectively produced decision-support (intelligence) able to meet every need at every level by harnessing crowd discovery, discrimination, distillation, and dissemination as a public good

* collectively produced high quality relevant information:  the application of the process of secret intelligence without the secrecy – participatory public intelligence activity for public decision-support

“customized, analyzed, packaged information like that provided by intelligence agencies to official decision-makers for decision support, but developed by everyone for everyone's citizenship decisions”.

> crowd-sourced, participatory information gathering and processing to support public [or collective] decision-making; it's what intelligence agencies do for national leaders, but the collective version involves everyone doing it for everyone.


Applied Collective Intelligence is the integration of education, intelligence (decision-support), and research such that all human minds are constantly engaged in transparent, truthful, trust-building information-sharing and collaborative sense-making. This process integrates open source intelligence (requirements definition, collection management, integrated processing) with holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering to create — eventually — the World Brain in which public choice and public conversation are actualized as extreme democracy to include extreme democracy within the workplace.

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