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Ben Janssen [has] made an interesting remark, as Ben often does. In his view, Open Education is not only a public good, but can also be used as a communication channel. As he stated:

“in my work as an external consultant I often find that departments within an organization are working on the same projects, starting the same pilots and the same programs”.

Even over organizations he sees the same phenomena: organizations who work on the same projects without knowing what happens a stone throw away.

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Phi Beta Iota: When the Advanced Information Processing and Analysis Steering Group (AIPASG) surveyed the US Intelligence Community in 1987 or so, it found no fewer than 20 “all-source analytic workstation” projects, with NSA having at least five, one in each Group, none of them talking to one another, none of them sharing an integrated functional requirements document, all of them locked into single favored vendors and/or a single proprietary hub hardware or software. In 1989 the USMC proposal for the Joint National Intelligence Development Staff (JNIDS) project won, only to be set aside by a Navy Admiral whose lack of integrity remains representative of the lack of integrity to be found across DoD today: “We’re a Navy shop, we will do a Navy problem.” Today, 25 years later, the lack of integrity in the US “system” continues to impede progress.

See Especially:

Graphic: 1989 USMC JNIDS VI Workup

Reference: 1989 USMC Work-Up for JNIDS VI All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation

Worth a Look: 1989 All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation–The Four Requirements Documents

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