Mongoose: NATO Relies on Social Media, Not CIA

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US NATO envoy: ‘I get most info on Ukraine conflict from social networks’

“We should all ask ourselves: why is it that we know so little really about what is going on in Donbass,” the US ambassador to NATO told “Friends of Europe” forum in Brussels.

“I mean, frankly, I read more on social media about what is going on in the Donbass than I get from formal intelligence networks. This is because the networks don’t exist today,” Lute said.

Phi Beta Iota: NATO, as with the US Special Operations Command, has allowed its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) capabilities to die. They have no money earmarked for commercial intelligence. They have no autonomous trusted intelligence  capabilities of their own. Of particularly concern is their persistent refusal to engage with the European Union to create a Multinational Decision-Support Centre and network that could create ethical evidence-based decision-support for Whole of Government and waging peace.

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