Worth a Look: Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigation

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Press Release: Berkeley Law Center Creates First Global Protocol On Using Social Media As Evidence For War Crimes

PDF (104 Pages): Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations

Phi Beta Iota: If you want to be a drunk under the streetlamp looking for keys far far away, this is the best manual available. It is also a road map for FAKING digital online sources.  OSINT is HUMINT. Harnessing digital volunteers is helpful — Crisis Mappers demonstrated that until they were bought out and repressed — but anyone who  thinks online is more than 10-15% of the solution is stupid or corrupt.

Penguin: Open Source Civics in Spain

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Medialab Prado: Applying the Open Source Ethic to Civic Innovation

An open data project is exploring new ways to use shareable databases in creative, public-spirited ways.

Now Medialab Prado is trying to go global with its civic incubation model. In September and October, it will be hosting a MOOC course (in Spanish) on “how to grow your own citizen laboratory and build networks of cooperation.” The idea is to foster very localized citizen innovation labs, even in rural areas, by helping people learn how to host prototyping workshops, use helpful digital tools, issue open calls to identify projects and collaborators, and run communication plans, mediation, documentation, evaluation, etc.

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Penguin: Open Source Content Management Survey


Open-source Content Management System(Open-source CMS) Market Professional Survey, In-depth Analysis, Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2024

Phi Beta Iota: The release was either written by a machine or by someone in Bangladesh or Pakistan not fluent in English. We are anticipating an international open source inventory in 2020 that goes far beyond software and hardware.  See the graphic below.

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Steven Aftergood: CIA Closes Down OSINT, Commission Objects

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Steven Aftergood

Improved Access to Open Source Intelligence Urged

Congress should require the Director of National Intelligence to make open source intelligence more widely available, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission recommended in its latest annual report.

Last June, the former OpenSource.gov web portal was “decommissioned.” Its contents were transferred to classified or restricted networks that are mostly inaccessible to those outside the intelligence community.

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