Round-Up: The Human Factor

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

I am very pleased to see new interest in my original posts on The Human Factor, augmented by thoughtful contributions from others. The most popular is below, the rest are lined up below the fold.

2012 Robert Steele: The Human Factor & The Human Environment: Concepts & Doctrine? Implications for Human & Open Source Intelligence 2.0

2012 Robert Steele: The Human Factor & The Human Environment: Contextual Trust for Sources & Methods

2012 Ishmael Jones (P) on The Human Factor

2012 Thomas Briggs on The Human Factor

See Also:

2000 Sandman (US) Applied Human Intellect: Interpreting the Data Bits

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2013 Robert Steele Reflections on Tired Databases versus Wired Analytics + Jack Davis & Analytic Tradecraft RECAP

2014 Robert Steele Applied Collective Intelligence

2015 Robert Steele: Applied Collective Intelligence – Can Evolutionary Cybernetics Leverage Distributed Human Intelligence While Advancing Artificial Intelligence? The Future of the Global or World Brain

2014 Robert Steele: Appraisal of Analytic Foundations – Email Provided, Feedback Solicited – UPDATED

2014 Robert Steele On Defense Intelligence – Seven Strikes

2014 Robert Steele Reflections on the Ecuador Initiative — Open Source Everything Combined with Ethical Evidence-Based Decision-Support 1.1

Berto Jongman: Humans, Data, & Spies — What Manner, What Value, Integrity?

Berto Jongman: John McAfee Vows to Make Internet “Impossible to Hack” + Internet/Human Intelligence Meta-RECAP [Bottom Line Up Front: Internet without Intelligence and Integrity is Noise]

Graphic: First Cut on Human Factors and Technology for UN EU NATO, AU (Africa), CELAC (Americas) and RCEP (Asia) OSE/M4IS2

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Chapter 3: The Human Factor

Jean Lievins: The Networked Society — DISRUPTIVE Technology Rules — and the Most Disruptive of All Technologies is C4ISR Technology that is Also Open Source

Michel Basuwens: The Relational State – The Human Factor

Reference (2010): Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – All Humans, All Minds, All the Time [Full Text Online for Google Translate]

Review: The Human Factor–Inside the CIA’s Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture

Robert Steele: How Dutch Intelligence Survived & Prospered Using Open Source Human Intelligence as a Foundation for Ethical Evidence-Based Decisions

Robert Steele: The Armed Unemployed — Lessons Not Learned + Revolution RECAP

Search: humint [Human Intelligence] HUMINT + Meta-RECAP

Secrecy New Headlines–Over-Classification, Leaks, CIA Sues Author of The Human Factor

Stephen E. Arnold: A Fresh Look at Big Data & Big Data (-) Human Factor (+) Transformation (+) RECAP

Stephen E. Arnold: Google Trends Fail Badly — Algorithms Get Lost and Are No Substitute for Humans with Intelligence and Integrity

Stephen E. Arnold: Search Hits the “Big O” – Robert Steele Comments on IT’s Three Sucking Chest Wounds

Tom Atlee: Factors Supporting Collective Stupidity, Collective Guesstimation, Collective Intelligence, and Collective Wisdom

UN Paper: Beyond Data Monitoring – Achieving the Sustainability Development Goals Through Intelligence (Decision-Support) Integrating Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, and Open Source Everything

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