Stephen E. Arnold: Big Data Hadoop Hype

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Generalizations about Big Data: Hail, the Mighty Hadoop

I read “A Big Data Cheat Sheet: What Executives Want to Know.” The hidden agenda in the write up is revealed with the juxtaposition of the source Social Media Today and the technology Hadoop.

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Hadoop is not magic. Hadoop requires specialized knowledge. Hadoop does not deliver like the tooth fairy a quarter under one’s pillow. If Hadoop were the answer to Big Data problems, why are so many Hadoop projects vulnerable to very common  problems in configuration, memory handling, lousy performance, and problematic hives?

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Phi Beta Iota: Less than 1% of “big data” is processed; roughly 2% of the digital web is indexed; worse, only 1% of scientific papers that are written get published — in brief, the industrial era information technology world is swimming in cesspool of its own making, and not at all ready for open ocean sailing.

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