Stephen E. Arnold: Is Human Collaboration Key to Big Data Progress and Future of Internet?

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Is (Human) Collaboration the Key to Big Data Progress?

The article titled Big Data Must Haves: Capacity, Compute, Collaboration on GCN offers insights into the best areas of focus for big data researchers. The Internet2 Global Summit is in D.C. this year with many exciting panelists who support the emphasis on collaboration in particular. The article mentions the work being presented by several people including Clemson professor Alex Feltus,

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Phi Beta Iota: Technology is not a substitute for thinking. Robert Steele has been saying that for decades and no one seems to hear this fundamental statement. The human brain is vastly more capable than any computer on the planet properly linked and empowered with information sharing and sense-making tools that do not exist today, the human network is yoda-years beyond the artifical constructs of the Internet (2% of which is indexed by Google), Big Data (1% of which is processed), and cyber-space generally. “Bandwidth is more expensive than pilots.” The corruption associated with spending more on sensors (the latest lunacy is micro-drones – the people pimping these devices are oblivious to the human time-energy ingestion and sense-making disconnect) continues to block investments in human networks and open source everything.

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