Berto Jongman: Will US Collapse Soon? Robert Steele: Should EU Be Thinking About Post-US NATO?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Unthinkable: Brazilian Journalist Mulls Soviet-Style Collapse of US

Citing a series of geopolitical, economic and social setbacks faced by the United States since the turn of the century, geopolitical analyst and Sao Paulo Business School Professor Antonio Gelis-Filho argues that global policy planners must prepare to deal with the “improbable, but by all means possible, Soviet-style collapse of the United States.”

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This article flagged by Contributing Editor Berto Jongman is riveting. It can and should be “appreciated” at multiple levels of analysis. It is not the first to make this case, but the fresh perspective is helpful and demands attention.

Strategically — the implications for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are staggering — would NATO now be subject to the EU closing it down or taking it over and integrating it as a much lesser element subordinate to the EU bodies striving to manage foreign policy? Would this lead to the end of immunity for predatory bankers and corporate representatives, the confiscation of US-owned land and property along with the boycotting of US seeds, medicines, and communications and computing products, all long suspect of contamination and compromise? Would this assure the immediate success of the BRICS alternative banking and development networks that are ready for instant roll-out?

Operationally — and I being the foremost champion for comprehensive electoral reform — one wonders if the collapse will happen in time to force the issue of an Electoral  Reform Act of 2015 and the installation of an honest government committed to public transparent truthful evidence-based decision-making. The elite are already fragmenting — Inclusive Capitalism, Redemptive Capitalism, Black Sheep Billionaires, Mutuality Economics — all code for “stop the pitchforks.” What they have not figured out how to do is think holistically and drive down to “root” which is electoral reform with truth & reconciliation — non-violent rapid adaptation.

Tactically — I anticipate a great deal of violence against uniformed personnel who do not embrace the public interest, but I am also optimistic — one thing Chris Hedges has right: revolutions succeed when the uniformed personnel refuse to impose the immoral predatory will of the elites and I believe we are there. From Oathkeepers to millions of armed pissed-off veterans who understand reality, there is ZERO possibility of the US Government implementing JADE HELM ACTUAL across the land.

Technically — and most exciting — one must recognize that crisis is opportunity, collapse is a clean-sheet fresh start. Many of us have been working for decades toward Peer to Peer, Commons Transition, Open Cooperativism, Open Source Everything. The utterly good news is that once the legacy hierarchies collapse, the way is open for massive rapid open source everything across the nine opens beginning with Open Provisioning (energy-water-food-shelter).

I take no pleasure in contemplating the collapse of the US Government and the US economy. I take less pleasure in having put up with so much corruption, crimes against humanity, and the abuse of the US public and foreign publics for so long. The Earth — the Cosmos — does have checks and balances beyond the anthrophere, and they appear to be kicking in. That is a good thing. St.

PS: I am available to help anyone “ride the curve down,” a concept I developed a decade ago. It is foolish to try to predict the future along linear lines from an ignorant legacy past. The smart money should be shaping the future through the application of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything economics. Learn more at

Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser

NEAL RAUHASER:It is not as desperate as the USSR in 1990, but if we take a tumble we have some big issues.

USSR: All housing owned by state
USA: All housing owned by banks, massive homelessness

USSR: Mostly mass transit
USA: Mass transit only for large urban cities

USSR: Never lost the victory garden habit of WWII
USA: 80% of winter veggies from California, which is becoming arid RIGHT NOW

So … it's all good, until it isn't, and then it gets much worse than what the famously rugged Russians faced.

Two terrifying scenarios:
1. Texas has ERCOT, they are an island in terms of electrical power, a choice that dates back to World War II when they wanted to protect their production – Higgins boats & such. Now they can only import 5% of their need. The grid crashed on a cold, windless night a few years ago. If someone takes out one pylon at an import point during a hot, windless summer night, their whole grid could go into convulsions that would take a week to sort out. Think back to the trouble we had when Katrina produced a wave of 250k refugees, then multiply that by a hundred.
2. California is becoming arid right in front of our eyes. There is constant worry about another Boston style attack, but the west is where a low risk/high reward attack could be made. One fire is bad, imagine a dozen devices planted in rugged terrain all being triggered by a series of calls from a burner cell phone. They'd have to be planted and solar power backed so they'd stay up for several weeks while awaiting just the right moment.
The FBI gets $3.3 billion yearly for counter-terrorism and they spend their time coordinating circle jerks at mosques. If one serious infrastructure aware guy gets pissed either one of those scenarios could come to pass, or even worse, they'd be consolidated into one very ugly event.

ROBERT STEELE: To which I would add, if our political and financial elites are stupid enough to also pick a two-front war with China and Russia, and a series of minor “interventions” by special means are undertaken by those two countries within the USA as well as at selected overseas choke points, the potential domestic dislocation cannot be under-stated. I feel such a sense of deja vu from the late 1980's and early 1990's when Peter Black, Winn Schwartau, I and many others were warning about cyber-vulnerabilities. It took a while for the rest of the world to catch up with us, and now we are 25 years late, have trillions in legacy investments, and are more vulnerable than every before.

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