Mongoose: Charleston False Flag Indicators

07 Other Atrocities

Charleston has not been properly investigated.


Rita Katz who was reportedly the brains behind various fake Osama bin Laden videos. “She served in the Israeli Defense Forces.” Russ Winter writes: The original Dylann Roof photos were first tweeted by Rita Katz at 7:37 am on the 18th. ‘Arrest’ of Dylann Storm Roof: The Hoax that Keeps On Giving

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CIA Hit Team “Suicides” Doctor, Then “Protects” South Carolina Massacre Shooter

Mysterious Death: Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Found Floating in River

Phi Beta Iota: As with all Sorcha Faal posts, the gems are buried in crap. It is highly unlikely that any CIA smart phone provided access to other documents — CIA has known how to do one time pads and one to one communications for a very long time. What is interesting is the connection between the probable murder of a prominent enemy of the US medical-pharmaceutical cabal, and the miraculous survival of what we believe to be a “patsy” in the Charleston shooting case, which still  has not been honestly and thoroughly investigated. The FBI is not a serious crime-fighting organization. If it were it would be bringing down the elite and also doing pattern analysis on all deaths of individuals such as Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.

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