Robert Steele: Vilification of the Confederate Flag is Abusive, Despicable, Ignorant Public Misbehavior

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Every time I think I have seen President Obama hit bottom he exceeds my previous expectations. The recent vilification of the heritage of half the country, criminalizing the symbol of that heritage for tens of millions of Americans, is gratuitously divisive, to say the least. It also displays a stunning ignorance of history, and a cavalier disrespect for fact that I find disgusting.

As a practical matter, removing all Confederate-battle-flag items from National Park Service battlefield concessionaires is incendiary, not just ridiculous — beyond juvenile to the point of criminal insanity. This is misbehavior worthy of the impeachment of the President for attacking, with malice aforethought, an entire culture long abused by the North and its financial backers.

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Amazon is just stupid. Jeff Bezos must have been drunk or on drugs when he approved the high-handed and totally unwarranted destruction of an entire industry dedicated to honoring the Confederate heritage. Freedom of speech? We don't need no stinkin' freedom of speech, not when we in our ignorance pretend to know best and find it politically convenient to screw over tens of thousands of merchants and millions of loyal patriotic Americans who have demonstrated through service on the modern battlefield — under the Union flag — far beyond any equivalent number of northern carpetbagging swine. The latter three words convey the moral counterpart of the strategic communication from the Obama Administration and Amazon et al — both are hyperbolic, wrong, and must be reversed. Amazon's misbehavior reminds me of PayPal's screwing over WikiLeaks just because they could, never mind due process, an artifact of the long lost “American way.”

The President and his speech-writers — and the Amazon product managers advising Jeff Bezos — are ignorant. The Civil War was not a Civil War, it was a war of legitimate secession on the part of the South, seeking to exercise the legitimate right of the members of the Confederacy to leave a Union whose industrial-financial-political tendencies they found inimical to their culture and their own political economic prospects. Illiterates do not know the difference between a civil war (seeking to control it all) and a war of secession (seeking to re-establish one's own political-economic autonomy), an inalienable right for each State that voluntarily joined the Union and should — had the North been honorable — have been allowed to voluntarily leave the Union.

As a high school student at the Singapore American School I wrote an honors history thesis on the causes of the Civil War and I made the same juvenile and incorrect assumption that the President, his speech-writers, Bezos and Amazon, and most but not all of the media morons have made: I assumed that the history written by the victors was accurate, and that the Civil War was about slavery. It was  not. Now, at the age of 63 with over 2000 Amazon non-fiction book reviews behind me, I know better. The education the average American receives stinks, and the lack of American reading after leaving school is negligible. We have become a nation of ignorant sheep easily abused and mis-led.

The Civil War was about looting the south, something the Northern bankers and industrialists desperately needed to do as they ran up against the “limits to growth” of their time. Upon winning the war, the North proceeded to loot the South for a period of twelve years, the “carpetbagging” years.

It merits comment that Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation with great reluctance, as a matter of “military necessity,” and that he did not apply that proclamation to slaves in the North and the West. Hypocrisy?

There are legitimate disagreements over whether slavery was already winding down in the South, on balance I believe that it was. Slavery was a pretext for war very similar to the crime against humanity perpetuated by Dick Cheney and his neo-conservative cabal in murdering 3,000 people on 9/11 in order to justify an elective war on Iraq on the basis of 935 now-documented lies. The same stupid apathetic public that exists today existed then in the North — unthinking individuals who substitute blind patriotism — the last refuge of scoundrels — for balanced holistic analytics and true cost economics, two things the US Government cannot do today — nor can Amazon or the public.

In my view, the Charleston shooting has not been properly investigated and the association of the Confederate flag with that incident is both contrived and inappropriate. We now know that the FBI is a “terror factory” that has produced 175 false flag terrorist cases across the USA. We now know that from Sandy Hook to the Boston Bombing to various covert operations against US militants and those civil libertarians who dare to be visibly armed and dangerous, the US Government has a strategy to demonize white right wing patriots. I say this as someone who has gone on the record recently as saying that “we are all black now,” as the US Government evolves into a wholly-owned terrorist state that does not just do elective wars that destroy entire countries abroad, it has turned its attention against its own public.

In my view, what the Administration has done to people of color at home — and increasingly to the white blue collar and white collar class since 2001 — is vastly more injurous than this single incident. Barack Obama has betrayed two entire generations, as has the two-party tyranny that sells Member votes by the bloc to 40-odd specific billionaires. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch our notional President use slight of hand theatrics to seize the moment and distract the public, rather than doing his job: representing the public interest.

Shame on the President. Shame on Jeff Bezos. We lack intelligence with integrity across this country, and in my view the White House and Amazon have disgraced us all far beyond a single atrocity not yet properly investigated, that should never, ever, have been used to demonize the flag of the Confederacy.

Semper Fidelis,

Robert Steele

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