Mongoose: Three-Step Plan for Electing Bernie

Cultural Intelligence

STEP ONE: Sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 and lead it to passage now. Take Over and raise $10 from each of 100 million disenfranchised voters.

STEP TWO: Run as Democrat first, as and then as an Independent if nomination goes to Hillary Clinton as now presumed. NOTE: This requires a change of stated position to date, that he will not run as an Independent and will support the Democratic nominee irrespective of the crimes committed to achieve that fraudulent selection.

STEP THREE: Create the big tent by announcing — as the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 requires — a Coalition Cabinet and a Balanced Budget in advance of election day. Support those small party and independent candidates who place people before party. Ask Cynthia McKinney to be Vice President. Lead the people, not a party.

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