Alex Jones: World is Ending Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating — Robert Steele No It Is Not

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I disagree. I am wondering if Alex has been bought and paid for and is simply being used for one final big score.  I seem to have been banned from the Alex Jones show — Nico does not answer my emails — and I attribute this to my proposing the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 bringing us all together in time to elect an honest government in 2016.  My bottom line: all things considered I think Alex has lost his integrity on this one.

Yes, things are bad.  Matt Taibbi nails it with Griftopia and The Divide — the current US Government and the two-party tyranny are in a state of treason against the public interest, the Constitution, and everything the Republic stands for. The good news is that America the Beautiful is a brilliantly strong country at the grass roots level, and we can overcome any adversity if we restore integrity to our electoral system, our government, and thence to our economy and society.

From Chris Hedges to David Korten to Richard Wolff to Eric Liu to myself and many others, we do not lack for intelligence with integrity on the edges — we lack of intelligence with integrity in governance. This is an easy problem to fix — but the public (and particularly the 100 million eligible voters who did not vote in 2012) has to want its country back, its country fixed, its country working.

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