Gareth Porter: Obama’s False Narrative on Iran — Zionists — and Sunni Dictators “Own” the White House and the Black House

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Gareth Porter
Gareth Porter

Obama’s line on the Iran nuclear deal: A second false narrative

Buying into the narrative that Iran is a rogue nuclear state could harm the thawing of relations between the country and the US


Chuck Spinney: Uri Avnery on Sheldon’s Stooges — Netanyahu Declares War on Obama, Zionists Empty the Bench…

Intelligence Director Clapper Says Iran Agreement Provides Access, Insight

Iran unlikely to spend most of its post-sanctions funds on militants, CIA says

Kerry Warns: Jews Will Be Blamed If Congress Sinks Iran Deal

Phi Beta Iota: The Zionists — and the Sunni dictators — have emptied the bench in  their zeal to manipulate the US Government at the political level. We salute the US secret intelligence community for doing what it can on the estimative intelligence front, and we hold the FBI accountable for failing to do its duty in isolating ideological, financial, and religious traitors that enable such treason across the government.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I venture to say that whereas Zionist Israel has been acting as if it faced an existential threat from Iran and the Palestinians, we have now reached a point where Zionist Israel and its Sunni Arab allies supporting terrorism and subversion world-wide, are an existential threat to the political integrity of the United States of America. The  time has come for a deep honest review, a complete withdrawal of all taxpayer assistance to all foreign powers, and an elevation of the Palestinian question to the forefront.  The Nordics should refuse to contemplate any accusations against any past Holocaust pawn until such time as Israel ceases its crimes against humanity in Palestine.  Remember the USS Liberty.  There are roughly 4 million Jews in the USA, a total of roughly 15 million world-wide — most of them are well-intentioned good people but their pernicious influence on politicians easily bribed and easily intimidated by the trumped up nonsense of anti-Semitism has gotten toxic to the point of requiring public scrutiny and counter-measures. Remember the USS Liberty.

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