Mongoose: Alert Reader on Mossad, Anthrax, Bioweapons USA

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Alert  Reader sends . . .

I have been fighting Mossad for 30 plus years. They control Fauci’s NIAID (where I trained). They, Mossad, released the anthrax attack in 2001 from Fort Detrick. Bruce Edward Ivins, who worked with Anthrax at Fort Detrick  and was blamed for the anthrax attack, was a militant Zionist!!  After the attack, Fauci went to Congress and raised billions on dollars for his Mossad cell at NIAID. Many don’t know President Nixon turned Fort Detrick into a cancer research center run by NIH and NIH has a big presence there. This is how Mossad was able to gain access from its Bethesda headquarters. Note Mossad agents at the FBI closed down the Anthrax attack once Bruce Ivins was identified as a a suspect and suicided. Read the Quitam case from the FBI agent who ran the investigation and then sued the US government for trying to kill the investigation. The agent’s name is Richard Lee Lambert.

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Ed Jewett: Israel Practicing US Election Takedown?

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Meet Cybereason: The Israeli intelligence cyber-security front company that has been “simulating” the cancellation of the 2020 election

Cybereason’s announcement of its hire of Andrew Borene coincided with its launch of its new “U.S. public sector business,” meaning that Cybereason now seeks to have its cybersecurity software running on even more of the U.S. government’s most classified networks. Cybereason, for years, has already been running on several sensitive U.S. government networks through its partnerships with IT contractors for intelligence and defense, such as Lockheed Martin (also a Cybereason investor), WWT and Leidos. However, Borene’s hire and this new publicly announced pivot towards the U.S. public sector clearly demonstrates the company’s interest in further deepening its presence on U.S. government networks.

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Gareth Porter: Withdraw From The Middle East Now!

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Gareth Porter

Don’t delay military withdrawal from the Middle East 

. . . there is no realistic scenario in which a regional or extra-regional state could successfully use military force to dominate the region over the coming decade . . .

. . . any U.S. hesitation about withdrawing from its bases in the Gulf states would prolong a serious problem in policy toward the region: U.S. interests in maintaining its access to bases has given host countries political leverage to leave them free to pursue policies that were clearly contrary to fundamental U.S. interests in regard to both suppression of popular demands for democratic rights and support for terrorism.

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Thierry Meysan: Israel Nukes Beirut (Tactical) UPDATE 3

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Israel destroys East Beirut with a new weapon

It is not known what weapon was used. However, it has already been tested in Syria since January 2020. It is a missile with a tactical nuclear component in its warhead that causes a smoke mushroom characteristic of nuclear weapons.  Read full article.

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