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Nikola K. Gvosdev
Nikola K. Gvosdev

China’s Master Plan to Thwart American Dominance in Asia

Nikola K. Gvosdev

The Ukraine crisis has permanently ruptured Russia’s ties to the West and pulled Moscow into a closer relationship with Beijing.   …   As much as Washington likes to trumpet its good relationship with India, the reality is that Xi has made cultivation of India much more of a priority than Washington has. India and Pakistan are also now set to become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization—which means that New Delhi has yet another institutional framework for conducting its relations with Russia and China in a forum that excludes the United States.

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Not mentioned in the article and worthy of further study are the role of Indonesia, one of the top ten demographic powers on the planet; the roles of Iran and Turkey in pincering the Sunni lunatic asylum led by Saudi Arabia; and the emergence of a “free” South in which countries like Ecuador pioneer free energy and consequently unlimited water desalination, while joining with others to expel the US, Goldman Sachs, and Monsanto, among others, from their territories.

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