SchwartzReport: 12 Signs US in Decline — 2016 Election Will Kill Us or Save Us….

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here is the truth about the U.S. everyone should know, yet almost nobody does. Certainly you would be hard pressed to learn it from corporate media. Tuesday, when I am writing this, and for most of the preceding week, there has only been one story on news programs, as I am sure you have noticed: Donald Trump. I find it fascinating, Trump is the personification of the Randian worldview. And part of it is he has enough money to be a candidate simply because he chooses to be. He is a brilliant marketeer and leads in the polls because he appreciates that only about 11 per cent of Americans support and approve of our government. The great majority  have nothing but contempt for it, as all polls show, and can appreciate a television character plutocrat come to life, who says what they think. But while we are lost in this opium dream of the national ego, a deeper  uglier truth thrums. This is the America profit as the first social priority has created.As this report makes clear, it is a failing model. The data is equally clear that we must make wellness at every level our new social priority. We must reorder our world.  This is what my friend Rick Ingrasci calls “The Decisive Decade.”  The 2016 election is going to seal our fate.   The decisions made over the next five years are going to set our path into climate change. This is who we are. It is up to us to decide who we want to be. Let me also note that this report came out in Fortune, an iconic example of conservative mainstream corporate business media. That's a message by itself. 

12 signs America is on the decline


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