SchwartzReport: American Hubris — 11 Things Others Do Better

Cultural Intelligence
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

On the basis of data everything in this report is true, and there is much more that could have been said along these lines. And I just can't express how much I hate saying that. Increasingly I have come to see this as a question of citizen involvement, and the choices made: whether to vote, and for whom to vote. We are a dysfunctional society, and we are going to keep getting worse until more people vote, and vote for wellness. The decline of an empire is not pretty. History is very clear on that point.

Here are 11 things other countries do way better than America

1. Food waste reduction   2. College loans   3. Maternity leave   4. Rights of the Earth   5. Wi-Fi service   6. Vacation time   7. Bike friendliness   8. Tipping practices   9. Metric System   10. Belief in science   11. Abortion rights

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