SchwartzReport: HAARP Goes Civilian

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Several times each year for as long as I have been publishing SR I get an email from a reader asking me about HAARP. Am I aware of it? Do I know it is a mind control system or one used for weather manipulating? It's a conspiracy legend right up there with chem-trails. Well here's what's happening to it. I know there are some who are going to say, “How gullible can you be, Stephan, that's just a cover story.” People like to cling to their myths. It defines who they are.

Alaska Military Site That Has Fueled Conspiracy Theories Will Be Transferred To Civilian Operators

Phi Beta Iota: Schwartz is wrong to be so dismissive of public concerns about US Government manipulation of the atmosphere. From extraterrestrials on one end to fracking on the other, the degree to which elements of the US Government is willing to a) do bad things and b) lie to the public about it cannot be understated. America the Beautiful continues to have enormous potential at the same time that many things are being done in our name and at our expense that are pure evil — support for 40+ dictators, for example.  HAARP, like 9/11, requires a completely transparent deep investigation in the public interest.

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