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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Elsevier and Its Business Model May Be Ageing Fast

If you need to conduct research and are not attached to a university or academic library, then you are going to get hit with huge subscription fees to have access to quality material.  This is especially true for the scientific community, but on the Internet if there is a will there most certainly is a way.  Material often locked behind a subscription service can be found if you dig around the Internet long enough, mostly from foreign countries, but the material is often pirated.  Gizmodo shares in the article, “Academic Publishing Giant Fights To Keep Science Paywalled” that Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers, is angry about its content being stolen and shared on third party sites.  Elsevier recently filed a complaint with the New York District Court against Library Genesis and

Phi Beta Iota: The fencing of the commons is the corrupt paradigm that replaced the open commons of ancient times. It applies to both tangible and intangible “property” that is now in the process of becoming free again. Elsevier lacks both integrity and imagination. If they were really really smart, and focused on the greater good, they would realize that they are publishing 1% of what is written and that in turn is 1% of what is known, and they would be thinking about how to create an online World Brain that provides access to all information in all languages all the time, with the money coming for focused curation services rather than from fences and toll gates.

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