Yoda: 21st Century Leadership – 15 Aspects

Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

15 Ways Successful People Approach Life Differently

RULES ONLY:  1. They hate playing politics. 2. They love when others win. 3. They desperately want to see ideas come to fruition. 4. They're meta-thinkers. 5. They prefer to make or enhance the rules. 6. They believe nothing is sacred. 7. They love solving problems. 8. They're great at self-assessment. 9. They embrace nontechnical feedback. 10. They actively create their future selves. 11. They adore taking things off their plates. 12. They're awesome at leveraging self-reward. 13. They believe they're in total control . . . 14. . . . So their egos don't suffer when they fail. 15. They do everything with intent.

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